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The Celery & Cucumber Juice Challenge

The challenge is finally back in stock!

to give you beautiful skin and hair, a boost of energy every morning and help you become healthier.

Are you ready to take upon the challenge of drinking a celery & cucumber juice every day for 1, 2 or 3 weeks?

Become a new person: full of energy, with beautiful skin, beautiful hair, better mood and stop feeling bloated.

All this at an incredible price! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ 

For people looking for a challenge to change their lifestyle and have an impact on their health!

This is our celery and cucumber juice with only 3g of sugar: YOGI.

Your Challenge

Choose the best challenge for you (1, 2 or 3 weeks). Receive it directly to your door in the next 48 hours.

1. Choose your challenge and receive it to your door

2. Drink a juice every morning

Drink a super celery and cucumber juice (our YOGI juice) every morning on an empty stomach, eat your breakfast right after. Feel the powerful effects of YOGI on your body. 😎

3. See the results

Once the challenge is completed, you'll see how you feel and look better. 🌞

Here’s why doing a Juice Challenge is good for you:

✅ Full of nutrients coming from celery, cucumber and leafy greens which will give you an instant boost of energy! No more afternoon crash at work or at home.🍒🍓🍏 

✅ Get a rush of vitamins to boost your immune system, which means your body will be ready for the flu/cold season. Less time sick, more time to enjoy your life. Thank you celery, cucumber, leafy greens and ginger!

✅ After your challenge, you'll be surprised by how good your hair and skin will look. Thanks to the vitamin A in your YOGI juice. You will feel less bloated also. 

✅ Hydrate yourself with our challenges. Celery and cucumber contain tons of water which can help reduce/eliminate the annoying dehydration symptoms you have like itchy skin, dizziness, fatigue and headaches. 🙋‍♀️

✅ Made with organic ingredients and nothing else. You can enjoy delicious YOGI with peace of mind💃🏻 as it contains no toxic nor chemical ingredients.

✅ Our YOGI juice is full of celery, cucumber and leafy greens to help you rebalance your alkaline level, reduce the risk of heart❤️ disease and lower bad cholesterol. You’ll feel much better and less tired after. 

✅ We deliver your cleanse directly to your door in 48 hours so you avoid the pain of waiting a week. It means you can start your challenge in the next 2 days!!! 🚚💨

Well, this challenge is not for everybody.

🚨 WARNING 1: don't buy this pack if you’re used to super sweet beverages (it’s no KOOL-AID!) and juices made from concentrate. It's a real challenge for some people.

🚨 WARNING 2: it only has 3g of sugar. It's a salad in a bottle and we are proud of it. It does not taste like regular juices. It tastes like health and freshness. Some people don't like its taste 🤢 and we understand! ... but if you're looking for a healthy juice with celery, low in sugar and full of nutrients, this is THE ONE.

Let us know how you feel after you take this celery, cucumber and leafy greens juice challenge.

🚨 WARNING 3: you could become addicted to all this green wellness. Some customers order 10 YOGI each week. This juice is always SOLD OUT in almost all our retailers and online.

So when DOSE challenged me to drink one 100% green juice a day for 14 days, I said let’s do it! YOGI is their organic cold-pressed green juice exclusively made with green veggies such as cucumber, spinach and kale. 🥦

I heard so much on how juicing is simply amazing: it improves skin condition, gives you energy boosts, provides overall well-being, and so much more.

But would it be easy to drink a 100% green juice?

Sure, people at DOSE had informed me that YOGI was their most popular juice (the juice that was the most frequently out of stock).


Tuesday ― it’s delivery day. I made room for the 14 bottles in my fridge and I’ve identified the best time to drink them. Some people say green juices have energizing attributes ― maybe it could replace my afternoon coffee?

Being someone who works from home, it’s really important for me that my energy level remains constant throughout the day…

My couch is way too close and my “little breaks” can easily and too frequently be transformed into long naps. 😴

It’s decided, I’ll drink one bottle at 3PM every day.


3PM ― I grab my first bottle and go back to my desk. 

I go through the nutritional facts and the ingredients surprise me: YOGI contains no fruits, except for lemons. 

Whatever! I shake the bottle for a few seconds, remove the cap and take a first sip.

Well… I knew this green liquid wouldn’t be sweet, but it seems like the information hadn’t reached my taste buds that had been expecting a strawberry-banana smoothie oomph. It’s crazy!

My brain is so conditioned to drinking fruity beverages and candy-flavored drinks, I’m honestly shaken. 😦

YOGI tastes like celery. The good old and natural celery, without salt… without Cheez Whiz. Because, usually, where there isn’t sugar, there is salt. But not in this case.

Nope! Only pressed celery. Let me just say that it’s not my favorite vegetable..!

But I accepted the challenge… so I take a second sip of YOGI. I try to focus on the silver lining: the juice is super fresh, its texture is perfect and drinking it already makes me feel so healthy. 


… But not that much! The second day, I’m somewhat looking forward to drink my green juice.

I can’t say I love it, but my taste buds are slowly getting used to it.

This juice that I initially was afraid of has now become an indispensable ally to my afternoons, an essential go-to to energize my body when I’m tired. ⚡️⚡️

After a not-so-healthy lunch (hello homemade mac ’n’ cheese!), I promptly grab the magic potion in my fridge and take a couple swigs. Yes, I have a GREEN JUICE craving. Who would have thought this could happen one day? Not me. 🥦🥒🍏

I rarely take a break to prepare a little healthy snack. This green juice is a nice alternative: it allows me to meet my daily vegetable needs, without any preparation nor dishes to wash.


It’s the last day of my challenge and I practically empty my YOGI in one big gulp. I like it more every day; its taste really grew on me.

I haven’t drunk a single coffee in 3 or 4 days and I feel great, fully energized.💪🏼

One other thing: my hair feels softer! Three months ago, I stopped taking oral contraceptives and my hair became really dry. Today, it seems healthier and smoother than ever! Same results for my skin! I'm so happy.🙋‍♀️

My green juice challenge is certainly linked to that given it’s full of Vitamin A, which helps capillary shine and softness (thanks Google!).

Seeing all these benefits, I now understand the importance of vegetables on our bodies. It makes me wanna improve my diet choices, train more, sleep better…

This challenge has motivated me to take care of myself and proved that, with a little willpower, I’m able to adopt and maintain healthier habits, which will definitely be a big game changer in the long run.

Amelie tried our celery challenge and she loved it...here's her story.

Do you eat your daily 8 to 10 portions of fruits and veggies recommended by Canada’s Food Guide?🥦🥒🍓

If you do, CONGRATS! Otherwise, join the Club… Usually, I eat quite well, but as soon as I’m too busy with work and life, I too often turn to the next door restaurant.

Testimonials about our YOGI juice

« I love YOGI! I recommend it! Yogi tastes like celery with a little bit of lemon. It's the best only greens juice I ever drank... »

- Gabrielle F.

« Also I am a huge fan of Yogi and I hope to see more juices like that because I have yet to see a green juice anywhere else that isn't sweetened by apple juice or similar.»

- Arianne B.


Your juices are always delivered fresh. They arrive in a refregirated box.

Your challenge will be delivered fresh

We deliver at your door in Ontario and Quebec, within 48 hours.

Start your challenge in the next 48 hours

You will emerge energized, refreshed, excited.

A bridge to a healthier body

We only use organic raw veggies, fruits and ingredients. Nothing else.

Your challenge with no toxic products - organic

Our Guarantee

Made in Canada

Made in our Canadian factory.

This process keeps all the nutrients intact and seal the freshness for 30 days.


Our cold-pressed juice vs others

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Our Three Challenges

Choose Your Celery, Cucumber Juice Challenge

  • Most popular challenge
  • 21 days to build real habits
  • Include 21 YOGI juices for 21 days of challenge or 2 mini challenges for you and your friend
  • Many benefits: better mood, stronger energy, cravings for healthy stuff, better immune system  beautiful skin, beautiful hair, regularity
  • Only $114, instead of $126 + you get free shipping
  • Includes 30 YOGI juices for 30 days of challenge
  • Perfect quantity for a real challenge and building healthy habits
  • The perfect dose to feel YOGI's benefits for your hair and skin
  • Many benefits: beautiful skin, beautiful hair, better mood, develop cravings for healthy food, regularity, better immune system
  • $160 instead of $180 + you get free shipping.
  • Includes 14 YOGI juices for 14 days of challenge
  • Many benefits: beautiful skin, beautiful hair, better mood and stronger immune system
  • $76 instead of $84

"For People Who Usually

Cheat On Healthy Habits..."

Ingredients:  Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger


Why isn't your juice made of celery only?

We decided to put a lot of celery in our juice, but also a huge variety of other organic green veggies that are good for you (cucumber, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger). Also, because of all the fresh veggies it's made of, YOGI's nutrition facts are extraordinary and only have 3g of natural sugar. 

Is it a cleanse?

No our green celery challenge pack is not a cleanse, you can eat your regular meals during the challenge. We recommend to drink YOGI on a empty stomach to feel all the benefits and you can eat after drinking it. Of course, try to eat healthy.

How long will my juices stay good?

When you receive your juices, they're good for 20-25 days (before opening).

How do you deliver?

Your juices are always delivered fresh in an insulated box with ice. Guaranteed freshness for 24 hours with this box!

Does YOGI really contain 3g of sugar only?

Yes! It doesn't contain any added sugar; only green vegetables, lemon and ginger!

How much is delivery?

It depends on your delivery location. But if you buy 2 green challenge packs or more, you'll get free shipping.

The price of an organic cold-pressed juice is high? Yes, we admit it, if you compare it to conventional juices made from concentrate or water.

But did you know that one bottle of cold-pressed juice provides the nutrients of 2 lbs of organic fruis & veggies and doesn't contain any pesticide?

A lot of people (including us😬!) don't have the time / the willingness to eat 8 to 10 fruits & vegetables servings every day as recommended. In fact, 70% of Canadians don't eat more than 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables each day (2016, Stats Can.).

That's why we created our juices and smoothies: to reduce your cravings and provide simple snacks!🤸‍♀️

Chocolate chips muffins and chips may be good for your taste buds and your soul, but they're not super natural nor healthy.

The price of a bottle of juice or smoothie, that are made with fresh fruits and veggies, is similar to the price of a beer or of a cocktail. Even though those two are delicious and can boost your mood, they're mostly made from water and artificial sugars.

Don't get us wrong; we love to have a drink once in a while... especially on a terrace during summer! (Did you try our Taxi juice in a mojito? or our Kick with some gin? Okay, we're a bit off topic...)

So, all this to say that:

Whether it's by treating ourselves or choosing natural and unprocessed products, we're in favour of investing in ourselves. 

Why an organic cold-pressed juice price is higher than a conventional juice?

Our challenge gives an energy boost every morning before starting the day. Drink YOGI just before eating your breakfast and go on with your day.

This independent juice company was created in Montreal in the fall of 2013 by entrepreneurial couple Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher and Raphael Hubert, who share a deep passion for healthy living. The couple built DOSE Juice from the ground up and are on a mission to demonstrate to Canadians that being healthy doesn’t mean disrupting your daily routine.

About DOSE

Raphael Hubert

Genevieve Brousseau Provencher

“It’s time we cut out the whole processed food thing. It’s not natural for us – it’s about transparency and simplicity, and taking control of what we consume.”

Favorite Juice: Samba

“Juicing is my answer to the saying ‘you are what you eat’. It’s my way of telling my body that I’d rather look like a glowing green juice than a greasy bacon burger.”

Favorite Juice: Yogi

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