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We only use organic veggies, fruits and ingredients. Nothing else. Your daily DOSE of nutrients, vitamins and 2.5 portions of organic fruits and vegetables in one bottle.

Good for your health

Make healthy juices a part of your daily life. Change your habits and get your body to the next energy level. The juices will help you work through your day without any crashes

Enjoy an office with a fridge full of healthy juices

We deliver directly to your office our delicious  juices and smoothies.

Shipped at your door

Here's why you should choose DOSE for your company:

Made in Canada

Dose was created in Montreal in the fall of 2013 by entrepreneurial couple Genevieve Brousseau-Provencher and Raphael Hubert, who share a deep passion for healthy living

A healthy employee is a happy employee. According to CCOHS Canada « When a workplace can help employees to make wise food choices, as part of a workplace health program, it can influence the person’s long-term health and wellness. » 

An healthy gift for your employees and your company

This process keeps all the nutrients intact and seal the freshness for 30 days.


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Our cold-pressed vs others

Why cold-pressed?

All our juices are cold-pressed and therefore not heated, heat pasteurized, or chemically treated. By applying thousands of pounds of pressure on the fruits and vegetables that go into every bottle, our industrial juicer keeps all the nutrients intact, allowing your body to quickly absorb everything it needs. Traditional juicers chop and grind produce, creating heat that reduces the quality of your juice.

Discover our juices and smoothies

A lot of flavors depending on your taste:

Green juices

Plant-based smoothies

Fruits and vegetable juices

Juice Cleanse


What our customers think of our juices

"Also I am a huge fan of Yogi and I hope to see more juices like that because I have yet to see a green juice anywhere else that isn't sweetened by apple juice or similar."

- Gabrielle F

"I absolutely love the concept and the message behind the brand and the products look fantastic. I'm excited to be a daily consumer. 😁"

- Caroline Poirier

"Delicious juices!!! Great variety! I am in love with this product!!!"

- Nadira Hajjar

"I did a Restore cure yesterday and I loved itttt"

- Elodie Dumortier

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